Five Star Equity, Inc.

Our mission is to treat all properties, owners and residents, with integrity, honesty and professionalism.

Debbie Spooner

Property Consultant

Kim Squires

Business Consultant

Bettina Gilbert

Property Manager/CPL

Five Star Equity, inc. Team

Our team has a total of 94+ years in diversified industries, which include property management, real estate investments, accounting, auditing, business and office management.

property management

Maintenance and repairs

Well maintained properties are our priority, as is the safety and comfort of our residents!  Resident maintenance requests are not ignored, but responded to in a timely manner by professional and insured vendors.  All work that is completed will be followed up by a staff member to ensure that the work completed was done appropriately and professionally.  Emergency situations are all handled within 24 hours or less.


Thorough move in and move out inspections are conducted on-site with our residents, as well as photo documentation to protect both our residents and property owners.


Our policies are designed from the landlord's point of view.

* We address all of your management needs with "one stop shopping"!

* After a one year contract, our management contract is very flexible. You can cancel with a 30 day written notice.

* No hidden fees.

* We strive to develop healthy and profitable relationships with our owners and residents.

* Our belief is that the best service comes through not just good but great communication!

* The faster repairs are completed, the faster a unit is rented.  The faster a unit is rented the sooner rent is collected!

*We work hard to decrease the vacancy factor and increase the landlord's profit and satisfaction.  We know this strategy works- bringing success to our office and our owners

Our residents

We bring excellence to property management

Five Star Equity, Inc. was created as an independent property management and real estate investment firm in 1992.

Choosing the right property management company can be the single most important decision for a property owner and investor.  Five Star Equity, Inc. understands that your property is your investment and you have entrusted us in protecting your asset, as well as to reach your assets maximum income potential.

We are a full service property management company.  We work closely with our property owners and residents to ensure an excellent rapport.

We offer rental properties, property management, maintenance, repairs, lawn services and so much more!